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EO car pool is the easiest and simplest free mobile app to provide the convenience to the people travelling in the city. Carpool, known as ride sharing/ lift sharing .This App would help people to look for the people who are having their own vehicle and ready to give ride to others on their way and to the people who are in need of the ride. EO Car pool ensures that you travel securely and comfortably with great people of your choice. Members are authenticated and verified by our participant Relations team with rated profiles. Traveling together save cost and promote other socio-environmental benefits.
EO(EVEN ODD) Carpools benefits Special feature for DELHI, 1st to 15th Jan 2016 proposed by Delhi AAP Government ( leaded by Mr. Arvind Kejriwal Cheif Minister, Delhi)Restrictions for restrain air pollution.
This App will help convenience to people and will also contribute to the GREEN INDIA, this app will help to reduce the pollution in the country and largely in metro cities.
• Eo Car Pool is comfortable
• EO Car Pool saves the planet
• Eo Car Pool saves your time
• Eo Car Pool saves your money
• Eo Car Pool is helpful in reducing your stress
• Eo Car Pool built to minimize traffic congestion
• Eo Car Pool can make you more social friendly
• Eo Car Pool helps establish reputation for each participant.
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Version: 1.8

Requires: Android3.0 or later


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